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Mobility Meters help steer your public towards more sustainable travel behavior. Micro-incentives or employee mobility credits, Mobility Meters has you covered.

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Micro-incentives are a go!
"Gamification highly optimises capacity use, making public transport an even more viable option!"
Peak Hour Optimalisation report, Dutch Government
Rapport Spitsmijden OV, Rijkswaterstaat
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Unlock the power of Incentives 🎮

Use gamification tactics to spread mobility demand, lowering peak-usage and reducing operational costs.

Optimize use of time and space with lower demand which is currently underutilised, increasing revenue.

Collect Miles

Users of public transport networks are rewarded micro-incentives, which we call Mobility Miles, when they decide to use public transport during off-peak hours or take a different route to ease up crowdedness. Where and when these points are gained is set by public transport authorities, who gain an additional method to influence transport from the demand side.

features for users

Redeem Miles

Users can redeem these points for many different options, which are subsidized by Mobility Miles. These can be more sustainable travel options such as bike sharing, discounts on public transport tickets or micro-mobility. This promotes users even more to use more means of Sustainable Mobility. The Miles can also be redeemed with our other commercial partners which our users love.

Benefits for Public Transport Authorities, Operators and Cities.

PRomote sustainable mobility with ease

Reduce Operation Costs and Increase Revenue

Mobility Meters reduces operational costs for public transport authorities by incentivizing users to take alternative routes or slightly change their times. Users can collect Mobility Meters for altering their travel behaviour for the better.

This can ease overcrowding during rush hours, which reduces the need for public transport operators to increase their frequency during these peak hours, thereby reducing their agency costs.

Optimization using Data

The anonymized origin-destination data collected by Mobility Meters will be highly valuable to analyze and understand the travel patterns of users. This data will be used to understand travel behaviour and to optimize the public transportation service by identifying the most congested routes, busiest times, and areas with the highest demand.

Use this valuable information to adjust the frequency of buses or trains, we provide service to improve your routing and scheduling, and plan for future expansion of your public transportation network.

Create a Modal Shift Revolution in your City!

Mobility Meters is creating a modal shift revolution in cities by incentivizing users to make sustainable travel choices. By rewarding users with micro-incentives for choosing sustainable options such as bike sharing, discounted public transport tickets, or micro-mobility options during off-peak hours, it creates a financial incentive for users to make sustainable choices. By providing a financial incentive, it encourages a change in travel behavior, and people tend to prefer sustainable options over traditional options.

Meet your Environmental KPIs

This shift in modal choice can lead to a reduction in the number of cars on the road, which can reduce congestion, air pollution, and CO2 emissions.

Support for Policy Making

We help cities to make data-driven policy decisions to improve the overall sustainability of their transportation systems and city planning.

Evaluate your SUMPs

We help cities to evaluate and amplify the effectiveness of Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans and understand the impact of their policies.

The Team

We are working on this project with a dedicated team of students in Mobility and Data Science.

Pawan Seshadri Venkatesh

Co-Founder & CEO

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Ivo Cornelis
de Geus

Co-Founder & CTO

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